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How to Make Chamomile Oil – Two Recipes that You Should Know

Chamomile oil contains soothing as well as tranquilizing effect and considered as one of the most well-liked essential oils utilized in aromatherapy. The oil is recognized as treatment for skin conditions like eczema and boils. You can make your own chamomile oil in your home instead of buying one that is available in health or aromatherapy store. You can steep chamomile flowers in any oil that you prefer.

Tips on How to Make Chamomile Oil

Make Chamomile Oil FIRST RECIPE: First, you have to prepare the things needed in making the chamomile oil such as: ½ cup chamomile flowers, cutting board, 2 glass jars with cover, 1 quart virgin olive oil, paper towels, 1 teaspoon vitamin E tocopherols, ¼ teaspoon rosemary oil extract, small plastic funnel, sieve, and cheesecloth.


Step #1: Buy desiccated chamomile flowers at your nearby health food store. However, if you grow your individual chamomile plant, just pick the flowers and let them wither prior utilization. Make sure that there is no moisture in the flowers because mold will develop. Make the chamomile flowers dirt free by removing all the sand or rubbish.

Step #2: Lay out the flowers evenly in single layer on top of the cutting board until they are desiccated totally.

Step #3: Disinfect or sanitize the glass jar as well as its cover then let it dry. Make certain that the cover fits perfectly with the jar.

Step #4: Dispense the olive oil into the sterilized jar at about ¾ of the jar or ½ inch from the top of the jar.

Step #5: Incorporate the chamomile flowers into the olive oil then blend them properly until each and every single flower is wrapped by the oil. Make certain as well that the flowers are completely soaked in oil before screwing the lid firmly.

Tip #6: Put the filled in jar in a part that catches approximately six to eight hours of straight sunlight each day. If you have a windowsill that receives the most sunlight, it is the ideal place for you to put the jar with soaked chamomile flowers.

Step #7: Inspect the jar every day then open it cautiously to wipe up the collected moisture from the cover with the use of paper towel. Seal the jar again firmly once you had remove the moisture then shake. Be sure to shake the jar once a day only. Let the blend steep for as long as two weeks or until the chamomile flowers almost look used up.

Step #8: Sift the steeped chamomile oil into another freshly sanitized glass jar by way of a funnel. Utilize cheesecloth and sieve to drain out the chamomile flowers. Compress the herbs. Once you see that there are still pieces of chamomile flowers inside the jar, sieve the oil one more time.

Step #9: Incorporate rosemary oil extract as well as vitamin E oil to the blend then mix them thoroughly. These components thwart deterioration. You can utilize the chamomile oil precisely from the jar.

SECOND RECIPE: The ingredients for the second recipe of homemade chamomile oil include: 2 chamomile tea bags, ½ cup almond oil, ½ cup walnut oil, 5 drops vitamin E oil and 5 drops lavender oil.


Step #1: Put the chamomile tea bags in a small saucepan then pour the almond oil and walnut oil on top of it. Let it heat mildly using low heat approximately 3 to 4 minutes. Make sure not to boil the oil.

Step #2: Take away the saucepan from the heat then let the blend cool down at room temperature. Take away the chamomile tea bags then compress any extra oil into the saucepan.

Step #3: Sift the blend into a glass jar containing a fine-spray or plastic squeeze bottle.

Step #4: Incorporate the vitamin E and lavender essential oil into the mixture then shake tenderly.

Step #5: Keep the mixture in a dark cool location and let it stay for 24 hours prior the initial use. Gently shake the oil prior putting onto your skin.

Making chamomile oil may require time and effort but it is doable.  In addition to that, you will be assured that you have an all natural recipe compared to the ones you can purchase in stores.

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